This Darn Pimple

This shit just wont go away.

Every time I think its going away.

It just flares right up again.

It scabs over.

How awful it looks.

I forget about it.

And then remember it hasn’t gone.

Aggravated, I pick

And pick.

Damn another scar.


This shit just wont go away.

I keep picking,

And picking at the scabs, bruises, and scars

Of centuries of oppression.

It festers for a while.

All infected inside to the core.

Finally an irruption of anger from the bottom.

Now the whole country is rattled.

America your pimple wont go away.

No matter how hard you try the blemish seems to reappear.

Pick, Fester, Explode.

Cesus says People of Color will soon be the majority.

Dear America, your future is in your “minorities”

Yasmin Dell Griffin